Rien à voir

Exposition Rien à voir - Les Extatiques 2020 - Seine Musicale © Martin Argyroglo

On the gigantic screen of La Seine Musicale, the usual advertising programming is punctuated with graphic and animated images, like so many snippets of thoughts on musical art, this universal language.

Philosophers, artists, writers, physicists, musicians, composers ... multiple voices have expressed themselves on the power of music, which comforts, overwhelms, transcends cultures, souls and time!

From Confucius to Nietzsche, from Kandinsky to Picasso, from Lao Tzu to Albert Einstein, an eclectic panorama of views on music silently paces the front of the concrete building.

In parallele screening of 2min video clip, designed by le young artist MWood, mixing amazing images of nature and elsewhere, to transport us to an ecstatic dream!

The eye listens!