Héctor ZAMORA - ZIG ZAG, 2020

Héctor Zamora - Zig Zag, Les Extatiques 2020 © Martin Argyroglo


Born in 1974 in Mexico City (Mexico), lives and works in Lisbon (Portugal).

Héctor Zamora is a Mexican artist who works in public spaces, indoors as well as outdoors. Zamora's work questions the exhibition space by creating site-specific ephemeral artworks that involve the participation of visitors. In a hidden way, her artistic practice reveals social, political and historical issues rooted in the sites chosen for her work. Both a performance and a plastic work, Héctor Zamora's work functions as a dialogue in which art is, at the same time, object and event. An architect of the ephemeral, Héctor Zamora uses everyday objects or elementary building components and develops a personal grammar by using their potential for play and plasticity. By diverting and recontextualizing elements that he draws from the architectural or social context of the cities and countries in which he works, he pushes back the limits of the real sphere, creates unexpected connections and invites us to rethink our relationship to everyday life as well as to our environment.

The work for Paris La Défense

The ZIG ZAG pavilion offers a new architectural experience. Built with openwork terracotta bricks, which give transparency to the walls, it allows the summer breeze to come in bringing its breath. Permeability is key; the visual pattern of the bricks multiplies their effect when the walls overlap, the silhouettes of the bodies move through these walls, and the shadows retrace and reconstruct the pattern of the floor. It is a novel experience reminiscent of modern architecture in the tropics, and which, in the middle of the esplanade of La Défense, embodies a playful freshness inviting us to relax and get lost in its walls.

ZIG ZAG, 2020
Openwork brick walls
Edition 1/5
Courtesy Héctor Zamora & Albarrán Bourdais, Madrid

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  • Héctor Zamora - Zig Zag, Les Extatiques 2020
  • Héctor Zamora - Zig Zag, Les Extatiques 2020
  • Héctor Zamora - Zig Zag, Les Extatiques 2020