Anne CLAVERIE - Arbrabra, 2013

Anne Claverie - Arbrabra, Les Extatiques 2020 © Martin Argyroglo


Born in 1974 in Paris. Lives and works in Paris

"Anne Claverie developed a taste for raw materials very early on and made the manufacturing processes visible. The principle of her work then becomes obvious: to recover, accumulate and transform industrial or natural materials. For several years now, her monotheistic work has entered the worship of rubber, which has become an object of her fascination. The tire, a seemingly difficult material, is tamed, as if ennobled by the one who sees in its streaks a living matter, "a skin texture or the lines of a hand". Anne Claverie's work challenges and draws us into a dreamlike world with these "otni": unidentified terrestrial objects made of rubber, not very traditional".
Olivia de Smet

The work for Paris La Défense

This mutant tree is the result of the hybrid alliance of tire and metal. It takes root with the strength and vigour of a natural leafless tree and transfigures the industrial materials with which it is coated. Its reptilian skin, alive and disturbing, intrigues, between attraction and repulsion.

Metal structure, tire
Unique piece
Courtesy Collection Fondation Villa Datris

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  • Anne Claverie - Arbrabra, Les Extatiques 2020
  • Anne Claverie - Arbrabra, Les Extatiques 2020
  • Anne Claverie - Arbrabra, Les Extatiques 2020