Discover the works of the 3rd edition of Les Extatiques!

Les Extatiques 2020 - YUE MINJUN - The Tao Laughter no4 © Martin Argyroglo

This year, the contemporary art exhibition Les Extatiques can be visited in the gardens of La Seine Musicale and on the esplanade of Paris La Défense from June 26 to October 4, 2020.

An exhibition organized by Paris La Défense and the Department of Hauts-de-Seine

Les Extatiques 2020This is the great novelty of this edition of Les Extatiques: the exhibition will be held on the esplanade of La Défense, but also in the gardens of La Seine Musicale, creating an unprecedented dialogue with the environment. The works located in the open air are accessible to all, while allowing to respect the health instructions, especially social distancing.

Nothing to see

The 2020 edition will undoubtedly sharpen your sense of perception, as curator Fabrice Bousteau suggests:

"A 3rd edition that's still ecstatic, but has nothing to see... In 2014, Marina Abramovic said, "Art is a question of energy and energy is invisible"! It is this energy that is at the heart of this edition subtitled "Nothing to See" in the sense that the works presented are either improbable because they defy the senses, gravity, logic or codes of power - like the Concorde obelisk created by Ívan Argote especially for the exhibition - or conceal the visible hidden like the Zig Zag labyrinth by Hector Zamora which plays with shadows, the sun and the architecture of La Défense. Eclectic, joyful, colourful, this new edition invites you to stroll, to a surprising walk through the forms of the works and their hidden meaning that gradually reveals itself on contact with them".

Intriguing, don't you think? Then follow the guide!