The bicycle in Paris La Défense

Good practices

Bicycle ambiance on the La Défense forecourt

Respect the key commandments for the harmonious cohabitation of pedestrians, cyclists and all users of PMDUs (Motorized Personal Mobility Devices) at Paris La Défense.

Europe's leading business district, Paris La Défense is a unique place to live, welcoming employees, students, residents and business and leisure tourists every day.

The 31-hectare district is one of Europe's largest pedestrian zones. This area is constantly animated by numerous events: Food Trucks, various construction sites, etc. It is also criss-crossed on a daily basis by numerous traffic flows, notably pedestrians, bicycles and EDPM (Engins de Déplacement Personnel Motorisés).

The health crisis has greatly accelerated the use of soft mobility in the business district. By 2021, the number of users will have increased by 5%.

In order to encourage the virtuous cohabitation of all slab users, it is essential that everyone circulates with respect for others and the site's particularities. The Love Story on the Parvis Guide to Good Practice aims to set out the rules of good conduct for safe and pleasant travel, and to encourage respectful sharing of public space.

Respecting the Highway Code

Like all other road users, users of private vehicles, whether motorized or not, must comply with the Highway Code. As the area designated for traffic is public, respecting road signs and road safety is essential to guarantee your own safety and that of others. To avoid dangerous behavior and the risk of accidents, the Highway Code applies equally to all users.

Respect pedestrians

Paris La Défense is a pedestrian zone, which means that pedestrians have priority. Bicycles, electric scooters and other modes of transport (including EDPMs) are tolerated as long as they respect pedestrian priority, the Highway Code and moderate traffic speeds.

Drive at moderate speed

Pedestrian traffic is particularly dense on the slab. This increases the risk of collisions. Did you know that when cycling, wind and temperature have an impact on speed? What's more, in accordance with the Highway Code, speeding inappropriate to the circumstances can result in a fine of €135. In other words, even if the cyclist is riding at walking pace, if he deliberately ignores a risk, he can be fined. So, whether you're on a bike, a scooter or a gyropod, to avoid any accidents and to protect everyone (from the very young to the not-so-young), ride at walking pace and be aware of your surroundings!

Use authorized lanes

As a general rule, cyclists, pedestrians and users of motorized personal displacement vehicles must use the lanes reserved for them outside the La Défense pedestrian zone (cycle paths and lanes, roadways). As an exception, the "cycles" sign authorizes cyclists to use the bus lane. In the La Défense pedestrian zone, the green line on the Dalle de La Défense is a privileged path. This green line should not be considered as a cycle path. Each user must use the lane dedicated to them, to avoid any disappointment. This is the best way to ensure your own safety and that of other users, while respecting public space. All this, of course, at walking pace and without disturbing pedestrians!

Parking in reserved spaces

To avoid obstructing other users of the dalle de La Défense, and to avoid any fines, you must park your vehicle in the spaces reserved for this purpose. If you park in an obstructing space, you are liable to a 4th class fine (90 euros in the case of a reduction, 750 euros in the case of an increase). For cyclists, take the time to secure your bike properly to avoid any unpleasant surprises (theft, breakage). For users of self-service electric scooters, park in two-wheeled parking areas, or in such a way as not to impede the flow of pedestrians and technical and emergency vehicles.

Ensure your mobility

To guard against all existing dangers, taking out insurance can be very useful, even if it's not compulsory for bicycles and other SMDs. But with theft becoming increasingly frequent, it's a good idea to insure your mobility to avoid any financial loss. What's more, insurance can also cover your repair costs and provide assistance in the event of a breakdown or puncture.

Be visible and equip yourself for safety

To ensure your safety and that of others, we invite you to make yourself visible in all circumstances to reduce the risks. All cyclists must wear a certified reflective vest. Bicycles must be equipped with brakes, parking lights, reflectors (front and rear lights) and a horn. Before taking to the road, it's also essential to protect yourself. Wearing a helmet is only compulsory for drivers and passengers under the age of 12, but it's still highly recommended to prevent accidents. Remember: safety first.

Be aware of the environment and slippery ground

Between pedestrians and obstacles in their path, cyclists and other EDPM users need to be careful when riding in La Défense's pedestrian zone. Given the configuration of the public space, the gaps between the slabs and the sometimes slippery surfaces, you need to be extra vigilant and think ahead to avoid slipping or falling! In adverse weather conditions, especially when it's raining, and whatever your mode of travel, we advise you to walk at a walking pace, or even slower, (brake grip will be reduced) and to avoid metal or painted surfaces which are slippery.

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