The bicycle in Paris La Défense

Good practices

To observe the great commandments for the good cohabitation of pedestrians, bikes, and all users of EDPM (personal motorized transport vehicles)

First business district of Europe, Paris La Défense is a place of unique life, which welcomes every day to employees, students, residents, tourists, business and leisure.

The district extends on the one of the largest pedestrian zones in european an area of 31 hectares. This space is constantly animated by many events, Food Trucks, various construction sites and it is crossed daily by thousands of flows of pedestrians, bikes, scooters etc.

To facilitate the coexistence of virtue between all users of the slab, it is essential that each circulates in the respect of others and of the peculiarities of the site.

The good practice Guide Love Story on the Square aims to expose the rules of good conduct for trips nice and secure and foster a respectful sharing of the public space.

Respect for pedestrians

Paris La Défense is a pedestrian zone, which implies that pedestrians are the priority.

Bikes, scooters and electric and other modes of travel are permitted in respect of the priority to pedestrians and a speed of movement moderate.

Ride at moderate speed

The flow of pedestrians is particularly dense on the slab. The collision risks are therefore increased. Bike, scooter or segway, in order to avoid any possible accidents, drive the not !

Beyond this rule of common sense, it is adapt to the characteristics of the pedestrian area : it is mandatory to ride at a moderate speed, that is to say, the speed of the pitch.

Be attentive to his environment

Between the inattention of the pedestrians and all the obstacles on the path, such that the interstices between the slabs or slippery, it is necessary to increase vigilance and anticipation to prevent them from falling or slipping !

Equip for safety

Before taking the road, well to protect themselves is a necessity. Even if they remain optional, the helmet, and protections (elbow pads, knee pads) can protect you from many accidents.

Remember : safety first.

Be visible

To be seen by other road users (pedestrians, motorists), it is essential to check its équipement.

By day or night, your means of locomotion must provide front light / rear light, a reflecting device and an audio alarm.

Travelling on the authorised lanes

In general, cyclists, walkers and users of the New Individual Electric Vehicles are required to use the lanes reserved for them outside La Défense (cycle paths and lanes, roadways).

This is the best way to ensure your safety and that of other users, while respecting the public space.

Be careful of the slippery floor

In case of adverse weather conditions, in particular when it rains, it is necessary to redouble vigilance.

Regardless of the mode of travel used, it is advisable to drive slower because the grip of the tires will be reduced.

Particular attention should be given to slippery, such as slabs, smooth roads, manhole covers or even pedestrian crossings.

To park at the reserved spaces

In order not to inconvenience other road users and avoid any contravention, the parking of your vehicle must be done at the locations reserved for this purpose. For cyclists, take the time to attach your bike and avoid an unpleasant surprise (theft, breakage). For users of scooters electric self-service, park yourself at the level of the parking lots on two wheels, or in a manner that does not impede the flow of pedestrians and the circulation of vehicles and technical emergency.

Ensure mobility

To guard against all dangers, insurance can prove to be very useful.

For bikes, it is not mandatory, but for New Electric Vehicles Individual, it must be verified. The case of a motor vehicle, a specific insurance cover is to be expected, check with its insurer is the best thing to do.

Adhere to the Code of the Road

In the same way as the other users, the users of individual vehicle, powered or not, must adhere to the Code of the Road.

The compliance of the signage and road safety is essential in order to ensure its own security and to respect the public space.

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