Fight against great precariousness

The Réseau Solidarité La Défense

In order to strengthen the proximity and the social link with all the users of the territory, the Réseau Solidarité La Défense federates associations and supports the initiatives of the district. The Réseau Solidarité La Défense currently brings together five associations that help people in very precarious situations and social exclusion: La Maison de l'Amitié La Défense, Entourage, La Cloche, the Association du Site de La Défense and Le Chaînon Manquant. Paris La Défense provides support by promoting all the network's actions.

The Réseau Solidarité La Défense in figures :

  • More than 200 actors supported on a daily basis by the solidarity network, and about 1500 different people each year ;
  • More than 300 inhabitants, students or employees involved in the network's activities each year;
  • More than 20 companies involved in concrete solidarity actions.

Solidarity is everyone's business!

La Cloche - Le Carillon

Paris La Défense also supports and mobilises for Le Carillon, a national solidarity network to combat isolation, led by the association La Cloche. La Cloche is the local network that links residents with and without homes and shopkeepers, and facilitates the daily life of people in very precarious situations while fighting against their isolation.

Thus, several shopkeepers in the area, including the Espace Info Paris La Défense, offer small daily services to people who need them: charging a phone, access to toilets, an Internet connection, distributing a glass of water or simply chatting. In addition, committed merchants also invite their customers to finance a "product on hold", a coffee or other everyday product to be given to people in difficulty. This is a way to involve all the residents in this spirit of solidarity and change the way they look at the world of the street!

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On the street, you suffer from cold, hunger... but above all from loneliness. Entourage fights against the social exclusion of isolated or weakened people by promoting local solidarity through real communities and simple actions to be developed within the neighbourhood.

Inhabitants, employees and students can thus take concrete action in their own way. By registering for free on the mobile application, you can help to make a resume, organize a collection of hygiene products, have a coffee, drop off a warm garment or simply share a moment of human warmth. Dare to meet people!

Download the application form and join the network.

La Maison de l’Amitié La Défense

La Maison de l'Amitié is a daytime reception centre for isolated people or people in a precarious situation who live in or pass through the neighbourhood. It is a place of sharing and listening where social support and various services are offered (showers, washing machines, Internet, doctor, French lessons...).

Wishing to recreate social links, promote and concretize solidarity between all, the association brings a first unconditional welcome to people by developing relationships between beneficiaries, volunteers - employees of local businesses and residents - and by offering social and global support. A luggage service also allows people to leave their belongings in safety to regain their freedom of movement and gain autonomy.

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The Association du Site de La Défense (ASD)

Runaways who have deserted their homes, adolescents in the process of dropping out of school, young isolated foreigners, etc. The Association du Site de La Défense (ASD), founded in 1991, works with young people in difficulty or at odds with their environment. The team of educators carries out street work to meet these young people, who are often distrustful of the adult world and institutions.

The ASD does not only carry out street artwork, but also implements individual or collective actions to facilitate their access to common law. Thus, meetings are organised on the association's premises to discuss, accompany the young people, participate in workshops, activities, events, ... A free, informal and warm welcome!

Le Chaînon Manquant

More and more families are living in a situation of food insecurity, and no longer have access in quantity but also in quality to the food needed to meet their nutritional needs. Le Chaînon Manquant (The Missing Link) has taken up the challenge of building bridges between available resources and needs by revaluing unsold food of good quality for the benefit of the most deprived. Thus, since 2017, the association has been recovering foodstuffs destined for destruction from restaurants in Paris La Défense, which it redistributes to a network of partner associations for same-day consumption, while respecting the cold chain.

Quality food regardless of income and social origin!

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