Nature in the city

Located at the foot of the Cnit, place Carpeaux, this shared garden of 200 m², is the result of a working partnership led by Paris La Défense with its users that are employees of Voyages SNCF, as well as the ASD (Association of the Site of La Défense) and the House of Friendship. Former green space of ornament became a place of conviviality, the Potager de l'Arche aims to provide a space of relaxation and most importantly, to create a social link.

A little corner of paradise

Protected by a fence used as a medium of communication (plan of the garden, table exchange between users), the garden allows apprentices gardeners to grow herbs, shrubs, small fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) and all kinds of flowers. To create this sampling of landscapes, different types of soils have been introduced. A plot of the garden is under automatic irrigation, while the other is watered manually. A compost bin full equipment on-site. Finally, the garden offers a space for relaxation and sharing around two tables user-friendly that can be used as picnic tables.

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