The Park

Our ambitions to make the Park an exceptional public space for everyday life

Organising the best way to live together, going beyond preconceptions to exchange, share, discover, innovate, walk, entertain and cultivate... This is the ambition of the Park and Paris La Défense. The Park is also a new imagination and a remarkable ambition: to create a unique park on a mineral slab, whose uses are imagined with the users of the area.

The Park is above all a work of increasing the greenery of the entire Esplanade: flowered gardens, groves, trees, lawn. Everything will be thought out to make the Esplanade a real urban park where nature will have its rightful place.

Our aim will be to make the Park a succession of convivial or more intimate spaces, with different uses and atmospheres to encourage breaks, meetings and give pride of place to sports and leisure activities.

Green the Park will be, but not only! It will be sustainable thanks to the ecological management of the site, the creation of cool islands, greater soil permeability, the planting of local plant species and better accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

Pedestrians, bicycles, electric scooters... The Park will be a place where everyone will have their own place and space. It will also be an opening of the Esplanade to the surrounding towns and to the different sites that make up our territory.

The Park will be an urban site of amenities, where in addition to the uses of a classic park (strolling, lying down in the grass, playing...), we could, according to your ideas and ours, be surprised by a giant picnic table, sports olympics, an educational garden, an open-air cinema...

The objectives of the Park

  • more nature
  • more sports, leisure and culture
  • more sustainable
  • more mobility
  • more sharing

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