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The Park is above all a work of increased vegetalisation of the whole Esplanade: flowered gardens, groves, trees, lawn. Everything will be thought of to make the Esplanade a real urban park where nature will have its place. Our aim will be to make the Park a succession of convivial or more intimate spaces, with different uses and atmospheres to encourage breaks, meetings and give pride of place to sports and leisure activities.

The Park will be sustainable thanks to the ecological management of the site, the creation of cooler islands, greater soil permeability, the planting of local plant species and better accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Pedestrians, bicycles, electric scooters... The Park will be a place where everyone will have their own place and space. It will also be an opening of the Esplanade to the surrounding towns and to the different sites that make up our territory.

A first delivery in 2020

The first sequence delivered in January 2020, located between the Takis Basin and the Moretti chimney, offers 700 m² of additional green spaces. The program includes a "green heart" in the form of a vast central lawn that is modular, practicable and adaptable - different plant species can be planted according to the seasons and activities can be enjoyed - as well as fresh gardens and two areas of undergrowth. Nozzles integrated into the gardens will diffuse clouds of mist during hot spells and help to cool the atmosphere in summer. As for the undergrowth, on the Takis basin side, it capitalizes on the lime trees already in place to offer shady and grassy pitches, complemented by wooden seating for a "natural" atmosphere. The Park will also benefit from reworked lighting with the replacement of candelabras and the addition of soft lights along the cool gardens to provide greater comfort in the evening.

A progressive approach

The Park is not so much a project as a gradual, experimental approach to transforming and expanding existing uses, with the ultimate goal of :

  • Preserve the heritage dimension of the Axis
  • Recreating cross-city links to the towns of Puteaux and Courbevoie
  • Amplify the aspect of vegetation and ecological potential of the site
  • Rhythm the axis by thematic sequences (leisure, sport, break, culture...)
  • Organize the site on a grid of squares and promenades
  • Animate the borders, boost the flow areas and enhance the commercial presence
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to entertainment, breaks and meetings

La Mise en Parc

To achieve this, Paris La Défense is committed to establishing a concerted landscape and urban transformation dynamic known as the "mise en parc". The "mise en parc" is the active co-construction method chosen to transform this public space based on :

  • A progressive transformation, over 6 years
  • A transformation based on the implementation of creative and experimental prefiguration measures aimed at testing or reinforcing uses (furniture, games, equipment, etc.).
  • Devices then evaluated/tested by users and continued (or not) in the final programming of the park.
  • A system of exchanges, sharing of initiatives, projects carried out by users-actors with the aim that these users-actors take ownership, contribute and experiment with transformations

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