Le Bestiaire Fantastique [The Fantastic Bestiary] - Diva

The artwork

Arranged around three traffic shafts that punctuate the Quatre Temps, this bestiary offers the passer-by a break in a marvellous universe.

Dragons, firebirds, storks and insects can be seen evolving in a palette of enchanted colours. The artist's fantastic imagination creates a new, playful signage that allows you to make an appointment with the tangerine, blackcurrant or raspberry side. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to take a short break, comfortably leaning on the wide transparent Dacryl guardrails in acid colours.

The artist

Sensitivity has always been a defining trait for Diva. Born in France to an Italian father and a Vietnamese mother, she developed an innate gift for populating her imagination with parallel and phantasmagorical universes from an early age. This led her later on to seek a professional path in creation, which resulted in achievements in advertising graphics and illustration. But Diva will fully blossom by investing herself in a more personal work through the study of the line which she will spontaneously call "sensitive line". This line, lively and fast, is the basis of an unreal world halfway between Dali and Bilal. It gives life to animals, amazons or demons where the torments of the unconscious are revealed. Since 2002, Diva has settled in Barcelona where she continues her insatiable quest for the sensitive line by venturing into ever more obscure lands.