La Famille cycliste [The cycling Family] - Catherine Feff

The artwork

Intended to underline the reconciliation between man and his urban environment, this fresco extends over more than 200 metres and installs, right in the middle of a traffic area open to pedestrians and cyclists, a rural universe, imbued with cheerfulness and freshness. Catherine Feff was inspired by her own children and one of their friends to create the characters. This fresco also has the merit of proposing an imaginary and poetic journey, by offering a cheeky and joyful contrast to the mineral and grandiloquent context of La Défense.

The artist

Since 1986, Catherine Feff has surrounded herself with a team of painters, architects and technicians to create unique artistic and visual events. Numerous images are now inscribed in the collective memory of major cities in France and abroad, born of creative concepts skilfully implemented where the artist gives substance to her dreams in large-scale compositions.