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Audit results 2018 - 2019

Food waste in collective catering: Assessment and good practices

With the support of the Direction Régionale Interdépartementale de l'Alimentation, de l'Agriculture et de la Forêt d'Île-de-France (DRIAAF), and ADEME Île-de-France, the association carried out a diagnosis to take a first look at the figures for food waste and understand where employees' bad habits come from.

Launched in early summer 2018, this audit focuses on practices and quantities wasted in the company restaurants of five towers in the business district (Allianz One, Égée, Exaltis, CB21 and Grande Arche). Using a common methodology, the association measured, during two weighing campaigns, the quantities served to guests, those thrown away and those kept in the kitchen.

The main milestones?

  • First audit 2018-2019: 2 weighings carried out

July 2018: First weigh-in

Between the two weighings, new actions to combat food waste were put in place and shared.

January 2019 : Second weigh-in

May 2019: Announcement of the results of the 2018-2019 audit

The conclusions of the work are gathered in a practical guide and action sheets, with a sharing of good practices and individual and collective solutions experimented.

A key figure? 16% of edible food is thrown away. Over the three days of the first weighing in the five rounds, 8.6 tonnes of food were prepared, of which 1.4 tonnes were wasted. The good news is that in 6 months of experimentation on the 5 rounds, we noticed a 23% decrease in food wastage.

Half of the waste is in the plates (at the return of the trays). On average over the five sites during the first weighing, 50% of the waste was found in the plates (food not consumed), the other half is not served, for example presented in self-service and cannot be re-proposed for reasons of hygiene.

  • Second audit 2020: 1 weighing scheduled

January 2020: Weighing and data update

The second audit took place on 21, 22 and 23 January 2020 in 22 company restaurants, the results of which will be communicated next October. To be continued...

October 2020: Unveiling of the results of the 2020 audit