Guichet Pro: online procedures for professionals

Guichet Pro: online procedures for professionals

Guichet Pro: submit your procedures online

Discover Guichet Pro. A tool that simplifies administrative procedures for the establishment's professional partners and collaborators. External partners wishing to work on Paris La Défense territory can submit their requests via an online platform.

For works:

  • Temporary occupation authorization
  • Slab access
  • Access to premises and galleries
  • Road permit
  • Noise exemption.

For events:

  • Slab access
  • Access to premises and galleries.

For other access needs (moving, delivery, maintenance, equipment inspection, study):

  • Slab access
  • Access to premises and gallery.

This approach is in line with our desire to offer companies an ergonomic interface that meets their needs and supports the dematerialization of processes.

How does the Guichet Pro work?

From A to Z, a single entry! Throughout the process, you have the possibility of following the progress of your procedures and exchanging with the Paris La Défense referents concerned by your request: from the creation of the request to obtaining the authorization.

The Guichet Pro of Paris La Défense allows you to:

Step 1: create a professional account
Step 2: consult the procedures and steps necessary to carry out your project
Step 3: fill in the appropriate form and submit the request
Step 4: follow the processing of your request
Step 5: obtain the decision from Paris La Défense and obtain the authorizations

Administrative procedures, without worries, without problems.

Features designed to facilitate your online procedures:

  • The duplication of an application allows you to submit a new application (similar to a previous one) very quickly
  • The registration of a draft allows you to start creating a request and to complete and submit it later
    *Receiving emails and notifications on the site allows you to be informed in real time of a change in the status of your application, a message from your contact person and the final decision of Paris La Défense
  • The archiving of all your requests allows you to keep the history of your requests and to be able to search and consult them by numerous criteria.