Forme Publique 2019-2020

Previous editions

In numbers!

4 editions, 4 themes :

  • 2012 : 5 uses : Laying/resting, Waiting/Sheltering, Lunch, Working/Growing, Throwing/Sorting.
  • 2014 : The Plug-in
  • 2016 : The Global Village
  • 2019 : The General

A total of 39 creators (architects, designers, industrialists, etc.) over the first 3 editions responded, from 8 different nationalities. More than 300 projects were proposed during the call for projects phases.

The ambitions of Forme Publique, Marie-Célie Guillaume, Managing Director of Paris La Défense : The first three biennials allowed us to test the model, to define the most suitable functionalities, taking into account the constraints imposed by the site but also and above all what the users expect. We have thus observed that the most successful furniture is the most basic such as the Grande Cantine or the Urban Work Platforms. These are two pieces of wooden furniture, one on the edge of the Takis Basin and the other in the middle of the historic axis. There has been an appropriation of these pieces of furniture and their initial use is sometimes diverted from their original purpose, to become a stage or dance scene. The public space is a place in which one seeks a moment of relaxation and simplicity, to contrast with the technology of the towers. Other furniture, more complex or connected, have met with more mixed success.

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