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Signage: instructions for use

Signage: instructions for use

In 2011, new signs, new signage

Because finding your way around La Défense was very difficult, signage was redesigned in 2011. Paris La Défense approached the change in a spirit of responsibility. Being the leading European business district creates demands on all stakeholders. First and foremost among them are the usual users, businesses and residents, but also tourists and occasional visitors. We are going to begin to meet these requirements in terms of mobility and comfort of travel for everyone.

Because signage is more than just pictograms or numbers****.

This construction site under the sign of ambition. Being exemplary, in concrete terms, means above all: keeping it simple. Avoid, for example, that district 12 is the exact opposite of district 11. It also means being efficient. Listening to you - that was the purpose of the broad public consultation - and taking action, making a commitment...

Because the change in signage creates a transition phase and a complex construction site

Three "stages" have been completed: firstly, pedestrian signs (put in place in autumn 2010), then street signs (January-March 2011) and finally road signs (second quarter 2011). Listening to you, knowing where improvements can be made: your feedback is necessary so that this signage is more than just La Défense's signage, but your signage.

However, should you encounter temporary difficulties in finding your way around, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:

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