Events at La Défense

Paris La Défense, a playground with a unique setting

Paris La Défense is more than just Europe's top business district.

Located in the immediate vicinity of Paris, it is a mixed area where 170,000 employees, 20,000 inhabitants and 17,000 students come together every day... It is also a tourist site visited by 8.4 million visitors every year! Paris La Défense is a place for meeting and exchange, a link between several worlds as different as they are complementary.

From the Parvis to the Esplanade, Paris La Défense is like a huge playground. A total of 17,000 sq.m of exceptional volumes are available to welcome you :

  • your commercial and marketing operations,
  • your cultural and festive events,
  • your sporting and charity gatherings,
  • your shootings (commercials, movies, music videos).

An exceptional contemporary destination, Paris La Défense is a real place to live, home to the largest shopping mall in Europe, restaurants, cinemas ...

With its towers of singular architecture, its open-air museum and its unique skyline, Paris La Défense offers a unique setting for your events and filming sessions!

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