Events at La Défense

The Place de La Défense: the nerve centre

Surrounded by the monumental works of Calder and Miró, the Place de La Défense is the nerve centre of the site. Employees, residents, students, tourists... all users meet there. Paris La Défense is the scene of many events and festivities.

Located between the office towers, restaurants and the Les Quatre Temps shopping centre, the Place de La Défense is also a place of relaxation and conviviality. Its lawn and benches attract a captive public of Défensiens and constitute strategic spaces, with direct access to the metro and car parks.

This space will give maximum visibility to your commercial or street marketing operations.

The advantages

  • maximum audience
  • view on the Historical Axis
  • high attendance
  • immediate proximity to transport: metro, RER, car parks
  • high visibility for the public

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