Giving and commitment

Sharing of skills

Pro Bono Lab, the specialist in engagement through skill sharing
In the general interest and in response to the challenges of Europe's largest business district, Paris La Défense and Pro Bono Lab have decided to raise awareness among the site's employees about sharing skills.

Pro Bono means "for the public good" in Latin and refers to the voluntary commitment of professional skills for the benefit of all. To enable associations to access skills they do not have, Pro Bono Lab is developing innovative methods and commitment formats to encourage the sharing of skills among professionals and students.

More concretely: whether you are a student, a job seeker, an employee of a small or large company, or self-employed, you have skills that associations need! So, if you would like to share them by offering some of your time during a day of exchange and mutual enrichment with an association: Contact us here.

Relive the 2019 edition on video!

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