Giving and commitment

Paris La Défense takes action too!

Le Hub de Paris La Défense © Carlos Ayesta

Because the smallest everyday gestures can make a difference, the public establishment acts within its premises in an eco-responsible and sustainable way! And yes: we, the Paris La Défense teams, are therefore very involved. Apart from our unfailing participation in major ecological and solidarity events, we apply the right gestures within our premises! We'll spare you everything you already know; here are a few "new" ideas (don't hesitate to ask us for them).

  • Forget about disposable cups! At a time when waste reduction is becoming unavoidable, let's use a gourd! As for our guests, they are not to be outdone and use the ecocups on our premises.
  • For the lunch break, our kitchen is full of washable and reusable dishes (glasses, forks, knives, spoons, plates...). No more single-use dishes!
  • We have opted for vending machines that reinvent the snacking break in business with an organic and healthy offer.
  • We have also set up a shared fridge. Its principle is simple: if you haven't finished your menu or you want to show your cooking skills to your colleagues, you can put your dishes in the fridge!
  • We have chosen to do away with coffee machines with aluminium capsules in favour of a version with freshly ground fair trade beans. And our coffee grounds feed the neighbourhood's shared gardens!
  • We have a paperless policy, but sometimes we still need to print... In order to be a little more eco-friendly, the photocopiers are configured to print in black and white and double-sided by default.

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