Ynov Campus

Ynoc Campus

Year of construction: 2017
Architect: Agence Suzel Brout
Surface area: 10,400 sq.m

Address: 12 rue Anatole France - 92000 Nanterre
Nearest transport: Nanterre Université

On the outskirts of Paris Nanterre University, in the République district, Ynov Campus was designed by the Suzel Brout agency for SCCV CARENA, YNOV and Icade opened its doors at the beginning of the 2017 academic year.

This real estate project is part of a major program to transform public spaces under the project management of Paris La Défense, creating strong links with the Cœur de Quartier operation and the Nanterre-Université multimodal station hub.

The requalification of rue Anatole France in Nanterre (roads, furniture and public spaces), which is scheduled to begin in 2015, will significantly improve access to the district, while at the same time aiming to initiate real urban coherence between the Anatole France and Cœur de Quartier sectors and, more broadly, with the Bords de Seine sector.

A new-generation campus and its student residence

Ynov and its schools specialising in the digital professions completes the current university offer in Nanterre and Paris La Défense and its 45,000 or so students already present.

The campus welcomes students in computer science, design, management, audiovisual, who are particularly attached to new technologies and who take advantage of the opportunity to live together to create synergies and achieve the open-mindedness that companies are looking for today.

A strategic choice of Paris La Défense to reinforce the dynamism of the district, the establishment of such a campus allows students to train in priority in the companies of the Anatole France sector, which is perfectly connected to public transport thanks to the multimodal hub of Nanterre University. The immediate proximity of the La Défense business district also represents a real asset for connections with major clients, fostering relations with the campus and its schools, which are always keen to train technicians and managers resolutely focused on innovation.

The architecture of the project

Featuring contemporary architecture that is open to the outside world, the program responds to the desire to liven up the neighborhood while bringing acoustic comfort to student housing and the campus. The program was also designed to avoid casting shadows on the surrounding buildings. It meets the latest environmental standards.

The complex comprises 10,400 sq.m:

  • A 6,900 m² digital campus for 1,800 students.
    As a place of training, it includes a cafeteria, a reception hall, lecture halls and classrooms, offices reserved for administration as well as common spaces for creation between students such as the "digital souk" opening to "creative disorders".
  • The 3500 sq.m student residence
    On 9 floors, it offers 130 fully equipped and Habitat and Environment certified housing units from 17 to 25 sq.m. The top floor is a group of shared housing units, with duplexes developing 3, 4, or 5 bedrooms around a double-level common area. A wide forecourt provides a link between the student residence and the campus, with planted areas and bicycle storage.

The deed of sale was signed on September 18, 2015. Work began at the beginning of February 2016 for delivery at the start of the 2017 academic year.

A word about the architect

The Suzelbrout architectural firm was created by the architect of the same name. Thanks to her numerous projects, Suzel Brout has received several awards including "Les lauriers de la construction bois" in 2006, and the "éPrix grand public des architectures contemporaines de la métropole parisienne" in 2010.

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