Pesaro (Résidence)


Year of construction: 2012
Architects: X'Tu
164 housing units, including 36 housing units in supervised accession and 128 social housing units

The Pesaro Residence project establishes a link between the institutional architecture of the Prefecture and the domestic design of the French Provinces district. The monumental scale of the Prefecture is declined on a human scale towards the French Provinces. Between the two, openings allow the viewer to look beyond the facades.

A double skin of screen-printed glass allows the intermediate surfaces to be used as a greenhouse in winter and as a ventilated space in summer. As for the roofs, transformed into vegetable gardens, they are accessible to the inhabitants who do not have loggias. The operators Logipostel and Toit & Joie called upon the architects X'Tu for the design. The complex comprises 164 housing units: 36 with supervised home ownership marketed by Logipostel and 128 social housing units, 48 of which are managed by the OMHLM and 80 by Toit & Joie.

The premises located on the ground floor of the building are occupied by the Hauts-de-Seine Council of Architecture and Urban Planning (January 2013) and at the foot of the building, on the terrace, there is a playground.

The deed of sale was signed on 22 March 2010. The building was delivered in September 2012.