Year of construction: 1992
Architect: Kisho Kurokawa
Surface area: 55,800 sq.m
Height: 84 m. 25 floors
Former name: La Pacific, Japan Tower

Address: 11, cours Valmy - 92800 Puteaux
Nearest car park : Valmy
Nearest metro station: La Défense Grande Arche

Formerly called Japan Tower, La Pacific is the first link, with the Kupka ensemble, of the Valmy district. Designed by a charismatic figure of Japanese architecture, Kisho Kurokawa, it symbolizes the Franco-Japanese rapprochement.
The slender arched shape of the building, consisting of two wings connected by a multi-storey bridge, is inspired by traditional European architecture; while the curtain wall refers to the Japanese style - a tea room and a Japanese garden are also laid out on the 25th floor. Crossed by an opening, presented as the Gateway to the Orient, the building has a footbridge, an abstract expression of the Japanese bridge, linking it to the Kupka buildings.
The Pacific Tower is a remarkable construction combining space and time saving thanks to "high performance quality" concrete and the installation of the façade cladding elements before pouring the load-bearing veil.

A word about the architect

A student of Kenzo, Tange, Kisho Kurokawa (1934-2007) is one of the most charismatic figures of post-war Japanese architecture. He founded his agency in 1962 after having participated in the creation of the metabolist movement that theorized organically inspired spatial architectures. This research is perfectly expressed in his most famous artwork: the Nagakin Capsule Tower in Tokyo. He is thus moving towards a symbiosis between Japanese values and the potential of contemporary technology.
With a view to bringing France and Japan closer together, Kisho Kurokawa designed two artworks at La Défense: the Pacific and the bridge linking it to the Kupka buildings, the Japan Bridge.