Notre-Dame de Pentecôte

Year of construction: 2001
Architect: Franck Hammoutène
Surface area: 1,000 sq.m
Height: 30m. 3 floors

Address: 1 Place de La Défense - 92 800 Puteaux
. Nearest car park: Centre Grande Arche
Nearest metro station: La Défense Grande Arche

Notre-Dame de Pentecôte is certainly one of the most singular buildings in La Défense. Initially, it was more a place of welcome and religious ceremony operating without a parish, replacing an old prayer space. The actual church project emerged in 2001. If the bell tower of Notre-Dame de Pentecôte, a translucent wall in which a negative cross is drawn, is not the most conventional, it nevertheless places the building in its context while giving it a symbolism that the rest of the towers lack. The absence of direct reference, however, maintains a link with the architecture of La Défense.
A veritable box set on six piles, the building has three levels of floors housing meeting rooms, a reception hall and a lithurgical space. Meticulous work is carried out on the marble and smooth concrete materials and the lithurgical furniture, created by the sculptor Pierre Sabatier.

A word about the architect

Franck Hammoutène (1954) began his career by building the Gutenberg Library in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. In 1989, he was responsible for fitting out the roof of the Grande Arche for the G20. Most of his achievements are distinguished by their dominant neomodernism, making Hammoutène one of the original figures of the new French scene.