Mama Shelter

Bénédite Topuz

Year of construction: 2022
Architects: Suprem Architectures and DGM & Associés Suprem Architectures and DGM & Associés
Surface area: 10,600 sq.m
Height: 14 storeys

Address: 10 rue Jean Jaurès - 92800 Puteaux
Nearest car park: Michelet
Nearest public transport: Esplanade de La Défense

Located in the Bellini district near Oxygen, overlooking the Seine, on the former site of the Litwin building, the Mama Shelter hotel opened its doors in the first quarter of 2022. This office building underwent extensive restructuring and was raised 2 storeys to become a hotel.

The four-star hotel features 211 rooms, a fitness area, a business center, a lounge bar and three restaurants, including a panoramic one on the building's rooftop.

True to the chain's DNA, the Mama Shelter Paris La Défense will be a trendy, offbeat concept. The hotel chain is known for combining chic and accessibility, and has opened its third Parisian establishment in the business district. The brand's famous codes were originally designed by Philippe Starck: living spaces with personalized decor, brightly painted walls, work desks, high-tech equipment and bedding worthy of a five-star hotel. All this at an average room rate of 135 euros per night.

A word about the architect

Suprem Architectures was founded in 2011 and offers innovative responses to the most varied and ambitious challenges. The agency's name is a tribute to Suprematism, a Russian art movement created in 1920 by Casimir Malevich, one of the inventors of abstraction. The agency's philosophy: "We create spaces for stories, stories that we write with our clients for their clients. Our projects are conceived in their historical, social and environmental dimensions.

Mama Shelter

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