Louis Pouey (Résidence)

Louis Pouey

Year of construction: 1972
Architect: Civil Society for Architecture and Urbanism
Capacity: 89 units
Height: 40m. 15 floors

Address: 20, Jardins Boieldieu - 92800 Puteaux
Nearest car park : Boieldieu
Nearest metro station: La Défense Grande Arche

The housing program of the Louis Pouey residence, entrusted to the Société civile d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme, is different from those in vogue in new cities. It is limited to a 15-storey building on a rectangular plan, on the edge of the Wilson block. To give rhythm to this concrete block, the front and rear façades are adorned with blind sections.

A word about the architect

Founded at the end of the 1960s by six architects (Guy Autran, Thierry Gruber, Albert Longo, Michel Macary, Philippe Molle and Aymeric Zublena), the agency participates in the creation of new towns in the Paris region, such as Evry, where it created the Pyramids district.
For their part, Guy Autran and Albert Longo work at La Défense as interior designers. For example, they won the competition for the design of the hall of the Aurore Tower.

Louis Pouey

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  • Louis Pouey
  • Louis Pouey