Le Vermont

Le Vermont

Year of construction: 2016
Architect: CALQ Architecture Surface area: 18,000 sq.m.
3,687 m² SDP of offices rehabilitated
including 31 housing units (2,285 sq.m.)

A new link between the Terrasses and the Rue des Trois Fontanot

Located in the Nanterre-Préfecture district, this new building is located between the Arche en Seine housing building and the "La Française" office building. It allows the creation of a public passage between the Terrasses and the rue des Trois Fontanot.

The Le Vermont project, designed by the Calq Architecture agency for investors La Française REM and ADIM Concepts, contributes to the challenges of strengthening the diversity in this sector and enhancing urban and architectural quality in the continuity of the "Arche en Seine" programme. It also contributes to the rehabilitation of the existing office park.

Programming: offices and housing

The Vermont project was built in two phases:

  • The first phase (in progress) consisted of the rehabilitation of the building owned by La Française, which turns towards the Terrasses.
  • The second phase for the construction of a new office and housing building.

The total programme (extension + rehabilitation) provides for 18 000 sq.m of office space, including 15 000 sq.m existing in the rehabilitated Le Vermont building. The project provides for the rehabilitation of 3 687 m² of office space and 2 285 sq.m of housing (31 dwellings).