Kupka A

Kupka A

Year of construction: 2020
Architect : YM Architecture
Surface area: 16 865 sq.m
Height: 52 m, 19 floors

Address: 14-18 rue Hoche - 92800 Puteaux
Nearest car park : Valmy
Nearest public transport: La Défense (Grande Arche)

KupkA is a human-sized tower that was entirely restructured with the firm Yrieix Martineau Architecture. At the cutting edge of technology, it has the most effective environmental labels and certifications: HQE Excellent, BREEAM Excellent, WiredScore Gold and Well Gold. Kupka now offers new restaurant spaces, a fitness center, a business center with a capacity of 75 people, atriums and 550m2 of green space.

Three main ideas guided the restructuring of this building:

  • Rethinking the entrance sequence. The new entrance has been moved to the front and offers a better connection to the slab and an optimized presentation of its main access
  • Revitalize the facade with the creation of two atriums that offer a view of La Défense from the inside
  • Enhance the external spaces so that users benefit from private green spaces with a garden and an accessible rooftop.

A word about the architect

Yrieix Martineau is an important figure in modern architecture. From the beginning of his career, Yrieix Martineau has worked on various major restructuring projects in Paris and then in London. In September 2011, upon his return to France, Yrieix Martineau created the architectural firm YM Architecture, which specializes in the design and implementation of heavy restructuring of office buildings, high-rise buildings and hotels. The business district is not unknown to him, since he is the one who initiated the restructuring of the First Tower!

Kupka A

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