Galion (Le)


Year of construction: 1982
Architects: Luc and Xavier Arsène-Henri. Surface area: 9,800 sq.m
Height : 30 m. 8 floors
Former name: PB28

Address: 16-18, Rue Paul-Lafargue - 92800 Puteaux
Nearest car park: Michelet
Nearest metro station: Esplanade de La Défense

The Galion occupies, with the Minerve housing and the school group located at its feet, a triangular plot of land integrated into the EPAD perimeter in 1969. Made of white cement concrete, Luc and Xavier Arsène-Henry's favourite material, the building originally housed the head office of Screg, a company specialising in public works.
Compact, it is however attenuated by the curves and horizontality of the façade but also by the contrast between the dark dominance of the windows and the lightness of the concrete. Organised around a central garden, the Galleon gives way to a few terraces at the back of its structure.

A word about the architects

Graduates of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Luc (1924-1998) and Xavier (1919-2009) Arsène-Henry had an important career until the 1980s. The two brothers made themselves known in 1953 with the Franciscan monastery of La Clarté-Dieu in Orsay. A building they imagined in white cement concrete, a material that very quickly became their trademark.
They designed several residential, office and administrative buildings and established themselves in Paris, Nîmes and Bordeaux. In 1967, they built the Chartis tower in La Défense, in association with Bernard Schoeller. This was followed by the Galion and the Minerve apartment building.


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