Exaltis - Mazars

Year of construction: 2006
Architects: Arquitectonica (Bernardo Fort-Brescia) and Architecture Agency Bridot-Willerval
Surface area : 23 000 sq.m
Height : 70 m. 16 floors
Other name: Exaltis

Address: 61, Rue Henri Regnault - 92400 Courbevoie
Nearest car park : Coupole-Regnault
Nearest metro station: La Défense Grande Arche

The Exaltis-Mazars building, located on the edge of Avenue André-Prothin, replaces an overpass. Its presence on this difficult site is due more to its original shape than to its size. Although the glass façades and their bluish spandrels are in the tradition of international modernism, their curved design escapes all reference. A sail hollowed out on one side, inflated on the other, the gables of the building give it an almost baroque movement.
Crossed along its entire length by a hall imagined as an interior street, Mazars-Exaltis is one of the symbols of the evolution of the La Défense district.

A word about the architects

Founded in 1977 by three architects, later joined by Bernardo Fort-Brescia (1951), the Arquitectonica agency is part of a romantic trend of international modernism, as evidenced by its realization of the Westin Hotel in New York. Active worldwide, it also built the headquarters of Bouygues Télécom in Issy-les-Moulineaux. At La Défense, it participated, with Partenaires Architectes, in the construction of the Exaltis-Mazars building and was then entrusted with the replacement of the Aurore tower.

Directed by Jean-Philippe Bridot, also a partner of the Bridot Willerval agency with Bruno Willerval, the Partenaires Architectes agency is the sole builder of the Vinci. In 1998, it also participated alongside Bruno Willerval's agency in the construction of the Prisma tower.