Year of construction: 1969. Renovation in 2002 and 2011
Architects: Jean-Robert Delb, Michel Chesneau and Jean Verola, with B. Lalande
Surface area: 28,000 sq.m
Height: 110 m. 28 floors

Address: 33, Place des Corolles - 92400 Courbevoie
Nearest car park: Corolles
Nearest metro station: La Défense Grande Arche

Although renovated in 2002 by the Petraccone and Vodar agency, which provided it with a new hall, the Europe Tower retains its specificity: the prefabricated elements of its façades. Its reinforced concrete structure consists of a central core serving as bracing. The core itself is extended by transverse walls on which the floors of the corners of the tower rest. The outer crown, formed by posts, is protected by prefabricated granito panels whose diamond pattern animates the façades.

A word about the architects

Second Grand Prix de Rome in 1957, Jean-Robert Delb (1925) founded his own agency in 1961, after several collaborations in France and Morocco. Particularly active in the west of Paris, he built many office buildings such as the one located at the head of the Saint-Cloud bridge. He is also the author of one of the most important residential towers in Paris: the Bourcy Tower in the 18th arrondissement.
Associated with Michel Chesneau and Jean Verola, the architect built four towers in the 1970s at La Défense: Atlantique, Europe, Winterthur and Franklin. In 1981, he signed, alone, the Lotus building which is his last achievement in La Défense.

For their part, Michel Chesneau and Jean Verola signed the Les Dauphins residence in 1974.