Year of construction: 2009
Architects: Arte Charpentier and Robert Lewis Turner Surface area: 10,000 sq.m
Height: 35 m. 7 floors
Former name: Praetorium

Address: 7, Terrasse des Reflets - 92400 Courbevoie
Nearest car park: Reflets
Nearest metro station: Esplanade de La Défense

Euronext, the first building in the business district recovery programme launched in 2005, replaces the Bostik-Tetris building built in 1983 by Henri La Fonta. Located at the foot of the CBX tower, this small building has no load-bearing point inside the offices. A choice that favours natural lighting. The stairs, which have a metal structure, are designed to be used regularly. The upper part of the glass façades and the spandrels are silk-screened with a plant motif. Above the entrance door, this silk-screen printing cuts out to form a gigantic portal giving the illusion of a second skin.

A word about the architects

Created in 1969 by Jean-Marie Charpentier, the Arte Charpentier agency has nearly 130 employees. Relatively discreet in the 1970s, it made a name for itself by creating the Météor Saint-Lazare station in 2003.
In 1997, the agency began a series of collaborations with Robert Lewis Turner, known for having worked with Skidmore, Owings and Merril on the development of London's Canary Wharf. The latter, a specialist in office buildings whose concept is based mainly on flexibility, designs all his projects in metal frames. A feature that has been increasingly prevalent at La Défense since the 1980s.