Year of construction: 1974. Renovation in 2000
Architects: Graubünden, Moritz and Ristorcelli. Surface area: 6,000 sq.m
Height: 36 m. 11 floors

Address: 41, Avenue Gambetta - 92400 Courbevoie
Nearest car park : Coupole-Regnault
Nearest metro station: La Défense Grande Arche

The Ellipse building, as its name suggests, is presented on a quarter-circular plan, associated at the back with a semi-pyramidal volume allowing the north-facing offices to enjoy daylight. Built in 1974, the building was completely restructured in 2000 by Jean Hanemian, who gave it an entirely glazed façade. This curved façade places it in the urban continuum of La Défense's office programme, establishing links between the neighbourhood and its immediate environment.