Défense (Résidence de La)

Défense Résidence

Year of construction: 1966
Architect : Maurice Plançon
Height: 26 m, 9 floors

Address : 21-34 jardins Boieldieu - 92800 Puteaux
Nearest parking lot: Boieldieu
Nearest public transport: La Défense (Grande Arche)

The La Défense residence, the only building by a little-known architect, Maurice Plançon, has an atypical status: it is intended to rehouse expropriated people in the La Défense region. It has 264 apartments on 9 floors.

The result of the creation of the civil real estate company Exprodef by these expropriated people, with the support of the EPAD, the plan of the residence is based on the Palais-Royal type, which was introduced in the original master plan of the business district for housing. Like all first-generation buildings, the ground floor is freed up by pilings to ensure the permeability of the complex. Built like a block of stone, the building nevertheless leaves room for an interior garden.

A word about the architect

Maurice Plançon was a French architect born in 1923 and died in 2012. He worked for more than 50 years as an architect and urban planner, designing projects in a variety of fields: housing, schools, green spaces and urban renewal projects.

He was known for his sensitivity to local and regional contexts. Developing a pragmatic approach to architecture, he always sought to design buildings that met the needs of users while being economically viable and functional.

Among Plançon's best known projects are the renovation of Place Stanislas in Nancy, the construction of the Jean Weille sports complex in Nancy, and the design of the Les Epinettes residential neighborhood in Reims.

Défense Résidence

  • Défense Résidence
  • Défense Résidence
  • Défense Résidence