Crédit Coopératif

Year of construction: 2012
Architect: Calq Architecture
Surface : 20 800 m²
Height: 8 floors

The Crédit Coopératif Group has restructured its head office in Nanterre. This project demonstrates the success of the Terrasses urban project and the interest for companies, initially oriented towards the rue des Trois Fontanot, to "turn" the configuration of their building towards the new public spaces created along the Terrasses urban operation. The hall is open to Boulevard Pesaro.

Following the deconstruction of the MB5 and MB7 buildings, a new building of 20,800 sq.m and 8 floors of office space takes place offering a capacity of 1,270 people.

Four new spaces have been created: a 200-seat auditorium with foyer and adjoining cafeteria, a training area on the first floor, sports halls open onto a planted patio and storage rooms, and the Social and Solidarity Economy Documentation Centre.