Coopérative du Grand Portail

Coopérative du Grand Portail

Year of construction: 2014
Architect: Pascal Chombart de Lauwe and Fabien Brissaud
15 dwellings

The project was initiated and implemented by Paris La Défense and the City of Nanterre with two objectives in mind:

  • to diversify the home ownership offer
  • involve residents in the design of their housing.

Over the last ten years or so, home ownership projects have become particularly expensive and inaccessible for middle-income households, especially for first-time buyers who do not have sufficient savings and who would like to become homeowners. Homebuyers in the co-operative are mainly from the social rental stock and are acquiring a home for the first time.

Paris La Défense has made an effort to reduce the cost price of the planned housing units, in particular through a memorandum of understanding with the project owner.

The idea is also to enable first-time buyers to collectively design their housing and common areas and to be involved in the design and construction phases of their building. Its specifications were supported by the creation of workshops led by Paris La Défense and the City of Nanterre and led by an assistant project manager specialising in the support of participatory housing projects (CUADD Conseil). During these workshops, the members of the cooperative defined their expectations, which served as a basis for the design and implementation of the project (overall programme, set-up, choice of artwork).

The architects and the families opted for two buildings linked by a footbridge. All of the units have exterior extensions, loggias or balconies facing south or west. The generous openings allow natural light to enter all the rooms of the housing units that meet the BBC requirement of the project. The wooden facade of the buildings provides effective insulation. Particular importance was given to the garden, which was designed as a real focal point for the paths. It is both a place of passage (from the dwellings to the car parks) and a place of relaxation, games and sharing for families (shared gardens and vegetable gardens).

Designed by architects Pascal Chombart de Lauwe (Tectône agency) and Fabien Brissaud (Mao agency), the 1,600 sq.m. cooperative houses 15 apartments with 3 to 5 rooms.

The first inhabitants moved in at the beginning of 2015.

A word about the architects

The building was designed by two former colleagues, Pascal Chombart de Lauwe of the tectône agency and Fabien Brissaud, partner in his own agency called Mobile architectural office. They have completed numerous projects in France and abroad, including public facilities, office buildings and collective housing. Their approach is based on sustainable development, with particular attention paid to the use of natural materials and energy efficiency. Pascal Chombart de Lauwe and Fabien Brissaud are also involved in research and training projects, notably through their participation in the teaching of architecture in renowned schools in France.

Coopérative du Grand Portail

  • Coopérative du Grand Portail
  • Coopérative du Grand Portail
  • Coopérative du Grand Portail