Carré Michelet

Carré Michelet (c) Hugo Hebrard

Year of construction: 2019
Architects : Cro&Co Architecture, Architecture & Environnement
Surface area: 37,737 sq.m
Height: 55m, 14 storeys

Address: 12 cours Michelet - Puteaux
Nearest parking lot: Michelet
Nearest public transport: Esplanade de La Défense

Carré Michelet represents a first step in the renovation of the Michelet district! During 2016, Eurosic launched a vast restructuring operation of its office building located in the Michelet district of La Défense. The work increased the office space from 30,000 to 37,000 sq.m., raised the building, and decoupled it from the two adjoining volumes.

After restructuring, the Carré Michelet building, which is not a high-rise building, offers approximately 37,000 square meters of workspace with services (restaurant, business center, fitness center, etc.), with 2,700 square meters of expanded floor space around a courtyard. Three additional levels have been created on the upper level: the 9th floor has been raised and a mezzanine has been created to form a large, totally panoramic attic for new spaces. It develops 1,400 square meters of outdoor space with terraces, indoor garden and balconies. It offers an unprecedented quality of life with 90% of its space on the first day. A large part has also been allocated to the planting of this complex.

This first operation, in the heart of the Michelet district, is breathing new life into this sector of the business district, which has been somewhat isolated until now, although it is home to a number of shops and restaurants at the foot of the buildings (DS CAFE). By the end of 2025-2026, the renovation of the Cours Michelet and its various vegetation layers will greatly improve the comfort of users. Access to the Esplanade metro station will be easier to read and pedestrians will be better guided. The Boulevard Circulaire will be made traversable, to establish a continuity between the city of Puteaux and the business district.

Carré Michelet has obtained the NF HQE Bâtiment Tertiaires Exceptional Level NF380/17/1955, Wired Score platinum, Breeam Excellent Level and Effinergie labels and certifications.

A word about the architect

The Crochon Brullmann + Associés architectural firm has become Cro&Co Architecture under the leadership of Jean-Luc Crochon, founding associate architect, and architect Nayla Mecattaf, former associate of Renzo Piano. She manages CroMe Studio, a laboratory dedicated to international development. Her main projects include the restructuring of the Cnit in La Défense, the extension of the Foch Hospital in Suresnes, the headquarters of Paris Habitat, and the Trinity Tower in Paris La Défense.

Carré Michelet

  • Carré Michelet
  • Carré Michelet
  • Carré Michelet