Campus de l'Arche - IESEG

Year of construction: 2017
Architect: Franklin Azzi
Surface : 8 000 sq.m
Building housing the IESEG
higher education school Location : Puteaux, Arch Gardens

The IESEG Paris-La Défense campus is expanding.

Located 200 m from the Grande Arche, in the Jardins de l'Arche and in the town of Puteaux, the building has been welcoming IESEG Management School students since the start of the 2017 academic year, doubling the capacity of the IESEG Paris-La Défense campus (students and staff).

The real estate project has been entrusted to the architectural firm EQUERRE and Franklin Azzi Architecture.

This programming is part of Paris La Défense's strategy to diversify the uses and functions within the Espace Défense Seine Arche.