Berkeley Building

Year of construction: 1976
Architects: René Decaux and G. Appert
Surface area: 19,100 sq.m
Height: 40m. 9 floors

Address: 19-29, Rue du Capitaine-Guynemer - 92400 Courbevoie
Nearest car park : Coupole-Regnault
Nearest metro station: La Défense Grande Arche

Due to the remote and difficult terrain along the railway track, the Berkeley Bulding is a simple bar on a rectangular plan in which two teeth have been placed. The facades, composed of prefabricated concrete panels, follow the architectural codes of many buildings from the 1970s. Also known as "architectural concrete", these load-bearing elements offer, despite their repetitive aesthetics, many advantages: solidity, durability and comfort.

As part of La Défense's renewal plan, however, the building is slated for destruction and should be replaced by the Latitude Tower.