Belvédère de la Terrasse 12

Belvédère de la Terrasse 12

Year of construction: 2014

Due to its topographical location, Terrace 12 holds a specific place in the sequence of the Terrasses de Nanterre. It constitutes a "summit" between the Grande Arche and the Seine, which explains the steep slope that separates it from Place Nelson Mandela.

The town planners responded to this specificity by designing a belvedere and setting up commercial premises accessible from Place Nelson Mandela.

In June 2014, "La Terrasse - Espace d'art de Nanterre" was inaugurated. This new Municipal Art Gallery is intended to enliven the Terrasses district and decentralize the cultural offer. It is also intended to make it a convivial place, a crossroads for artistic disciplines and access to knowledge. The rooftop terrace can accommodate temporary works in the public space.

Since July 2015, a restaurant and leisure area has also been set up.