Year of construction: 1989
Architect: MBA Architecture
Surface area: 22 700 sq.m
Height: 35m. 9 floors

Address: 10, Place des Vosges - 92400 Courbevoie
Nearest car park: Corolles
Nearest metro station: Esplanade

The Balzac, Newton and Jean-Monnet buildings form a single whole. It is organized around its interior space and includes infrastructure levels at the back that make the work of its volumes more delicate. The facades alternate glass walls and stone facings. Marked by an attic storey, the latter displays a more designed finish than that of the surrounding buildings.
Isolated from the rest, Balzac is the only building with a curved wall.

A word about the architect

Created by Christian Blanchet, in association with Christian Malterre and Géraldine Rampon, the MBA architecture agency is best known for its apartment buildings. It has signed a complex of 158 housing units in Clermond-Ferrand. Anxious to integrate its works into their urban environment, the agency succeeds in erecting the Newton-Balzac-Jean Monnet complex on one of the complex grounds of La Défense.