Arche Horizon

Kaufman & Braud

Year of construction: 2022
Architects: Mikou Design Studio
Surface area: 3,973 sq.m.
Height: 32 metres, 10 storeys

Address: 146 rue Salvador Allende- 92000 Nanterre
Nearest parking lot: Les Terrasses
Nearest public transport: Nanterre Préfecture

On the corner of boulevard de Pesaro and rue Salvador Allende, the Arche Horizon development by Kaufman & Broad and Logipostel was handed over in 2021. Mikou Studio designed a complex of just over 3,900 sq. metres, comprising 50 homes ranging from studio to four-bedroom (29 for first-time buyers and 21 for those on first-time buyers). With its simple, orderly massing, Arche Horizon resonates with the buildings nearby, creating a clearly identifiable gateway to the site from Boulevard Pesaro. A building with a timeless character, characterised by large façades and wooden columns.

Arche Horizon, a timeless building well integrated into its environment

Arche Horizon is part of the renewal of the Croissant district, launched in 2015. Previously isolated and little-known, it is taking advantage of the demolition of the old "silo" car parks along the Boulevard de La Défense (D914) to forge a new identity. Under the project management of the TVK-d'Ici-là consortium, the first phase of this renewal has seen the completion of several property developments, including the Arche Horizon programme.

A word about the architect

Mikou Design Studio was founded in 2006 by Selma and Salwa Mikou, after many years of collaboration with international architectural practices, in particular those of Renzo Piano and Jean Nouvel, on programmes for major private and public facilities, housing, offices and major developments of public spaces as part of the redevelopment of urban and port areas.

Mikou Design Studio defines itself as a space for creation and experimentation in architecture and its cross-disciplinary aspects. Each project is a pretext for re-questioning and redefining the meaning of a programme, a function, and an urban, social and human context, in order to invent new ways of living, places for sharing and coming together that are more sensitive, more sensual and more emotional.

Mikou Design Studio is currently involved in a wide range of cultural, educational, office, housing and Master Plan projects in Brazil, Germany, Lebanon, Morocco and France.

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