The revolving counter of this sushi bar offers to your greedy eyes and taste buds fresh and delicious Japanese food for a quick lunch in a typical Japanese setting.

Worthy of the typical Japanese restaurants, the restaurant offers fresh and delicious traditional specialties on a rotating counter to amaze your greedy eyes. A multitude of recipes are at hand: hot or cold dishes such as sushi, maki california, sashimi, yakitoris, salads and desserts... In addition to this, there is a varied and trendy menu for those who don't see their favorite dish passing by on the rotating counter. Discover Matsuri without further delay or risk seeing the dishes pass you by!

Restaurant : yes
Breakfast : no
Bar : no
Specialty : asian
Terrace : yes
Neighborhood : Corolles
Opening hours : Monday to Friday, noon
Address : 70 esplanade du Général de Gaulle - 92400 Courbevoie
Phone : 01 80 27 04 39


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  • Matsuri
  • Matsuri