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WATT project

Project owner: Sogeprom
Property owner: La Française
Architect: Ateliers 2/3/4/
Surface area: 10 150 sq.m.
Programming: offices

Project Parvis

Owner: ASL Delalande
Delegated project management: JLL
Architect: Ateliers 2/3/4
Surface area: 1,600 sq.m.

Location : Arche Nord / Coupole-Regnault (La Défense)
Delivery date: 2022

As part of the rehabilitation work on the Delalande Défense real estate complex, two separate rehabilitation projects are being carried out in parallel in the same area:

  • The WATT site for the rehabilitation of the WATT office building, which is currently underway and for which SOGEPROM is the project owner,
  • The rehabilitation of the Inter-Company Restaurant and the forecourt of the building complex


Formerly known as City Défense, the building is now being restructured. This follows the renovation of the AMPERE E+ building, its direct neighbor. Eventually, the two buildings, renovated by the same architectural firm, will form a modern ensemble within the Coupole-Regnault district.

Entrusted to SOGEPROM, the renovation and extension of the office building increased the surface area from 8,600 m² SDP to 10,150 m² SDP. Three years after renovating the AMPERE E+ building, also entrusted to the architectural firm Ateliers 2/3/4/, which has become its headquarters and an illustration of its know-how in terms of innovation, SOGEPROM is transforming the "City Défense" building, now renamed "WATT".

The primary idea is to resonate with the AMPERE building in order to find a strength together while keeping their specificities. Its entrance is more obvious with a double height located in the bow, visible from the esplanade of La Défense. This sequence is inscribed in a base created on two levels that reveal the existing load-bearing structure that allows the body of the building to be raised.

We thus find a more urban scale, in dialogue with the Henri Regnault street and the pedestrian mall in the making. The building is open to the esplanade made public with a cafeteria and its shops addressed on Henri Regnault street. The project thus takes into account the future transformation of the Boulevard Circulaire into an urban boulevard.

More specifically, the renovation and extension allow:

  • a better visibility of the building and its access through a redesign of the facade and the creation of a base that will address the street;
  • a better urban insertion by modifying the building's entrance and the installation of a cafeteria open to the public on the ground floor, creating a new connection between the WATT and AMPERE E+ buildings from the circular boulevard of Paris La Défense to Henri Regnault street in Courbevoie;
  • An increase in office space, with more flexible and trendy floor plans designed to serve users.

A bright, green environment in the heart of Paris La Défense

The restructuring of WATT also includes the creation of accessible terraces and dressing rooms allowing exterior access on almost every level and on the roof, on the north (mall) and south (garden) facades.

Given the limited amount of usable outdoor space on this site, the challenge is also to bring vegetation into and onto the building in an upward movement from the garden to the terrace on the ground floor (R+10), which is accessible and planted thanks to the terraces.

A true haven of light, open to the outside, WATT offers beautiful unobstructed views, conducive to performance and creation. The workspaces are punctuated by agoras inviting to regenerate and encouraging collaborative work. Numerous services are offered within WATT thanks to the creation of warm and connected spaces dedicated to reception, concierge services, well-being and catering.

Lastly, the project is part of a strong environmental approach that has resulted in numerous certifications:

  • HQE Bâtiment Durable, level Excellent,
  • BREEAM NC 2016, Excellent level,
  • WELL, Core & Shell, Gold level,
  • EFFINERGIE Rénovation label.

Putting the user back at the heart of the real estate project, in his or her place of life or work, is Sogeprom's ambition when restructuring the building.

The rehabilitation of the Parvis and the Company Restaurant

The project consists of the global rehabilitation of a building complex made up of an Inter-Company Restaurant and the Parvis. The Inter-Company Restaurant is located on the first basement level, shared by the Watt and AMPERE buildings. While the Parvis on the ground floor represents the pedestrian esplanade which also supports the two aforementioned buildings.

Within the framework of the global rehabilitation of the real estate complex, the first desire was to connect the boulevard, which takes on a more urban dimension, with the Parvis de la Défense. Work on the base at the bend in rue Henri Regnault has been undertaken to allow better integration with its surroundings and easier access. In addition, the work of resizing the RIE surface is an opportunity to review the relationship of each of the buildings with this space, which has been made more convivial and has more diversified uses.

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Did you know?

The WATT project echoes its neighbor, AMPERE. Eventually, this ensemble promises to release a lot of positive energy!