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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor: AG2R La Mondiale
Architect: Axel Schoenert Architects

Surface : 18 000 sq.m/ 10 floors
2,000 sq.m of business club
Location : Quartier Valmy (La Défense). Delivery: March 2019

Located in the Valmy district, the Belvédère program signs a successful rehabilitation! Built in 1997 and then renovated in 2019, with its 18,000 sq.m. and 10 floors, Belvédère is getting a facelift and offers the building a whole new perspective: a new façade, new hall and interior spaces, creation of a shop, landscaping of the surroundings...and a rooftop and green terraces. Added to that, Spaces, the largest workspace ever seen in Europe, just that! Spaces - La Défense offers a real innovation hub where each company can accelerate its development opportunities.

Labels and certifications: HQE Renovation, BREEAM International, RFO excellent level, WEEL Core&Shelle and BBC Effinergie Rénovation


Spaces © Axel Schoenert architectes