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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense

A new living space along the University

The objectives of the République-Université sector development are

  • to reconstitute a coherent urban fabric by creating a mixed neighbourhood: a diversified housing offer (approximately 17,600 m² of floor space, including family housing and housing for students, researchers and young workers) and activity buildings (approximately 25,000 m² of floor space),
  • redesigning the Avenue de la République, where the T1 tramway will eventually pass, and improving the entire traffic pattern to create quality public spaces to serve the République - University - Anatole France sector, and to help strengthen the presence of nature in the city,
  • respond to the possible development needs of university programmes, improve the university's entrance on Avenue de la République and allow the campus to open up to its urban environment, in connection with the rehabilitation and construction projects in the Anatole France sector,
  • welcome the university into the city, by creating a mix of university and para-university programmes and by developing facilities for university and other audiences.