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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense

A new life pole along the University

The objectives of the development of the Republic-University sector are :

  • to reconstitute a coherent urban fabric by creating a mixed district with a predominantly residential character: a diversified housing offer (objective 30,000 sq.m Shon), a few business and office buildings (approximately 8,000 sq.m) and local facilities,
  • requalify the Avenue de la République, where the T1 tramway will eventually pass, and create quality public spaces serving the République - Université - Anatole France sector,
  • to meet any needs for developing university programmes, to qualify the university's entrance on Avenue de la République and to enable the campus to open up to its urban environment,
  • hosting the university in the city in the framework of a project to be defined, creating a mix of university and para-university programmes and developing facilities for university and other audiences (crèche).

The new Nanterre mosque will be located in this sector, between Papeteries de la Seine and Avenue de la Commune de Paris.