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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense

Surface: 7400 sq.m. of public spaces created
Location : Esplanade Nord / Saisons (La Défense)
Delivery: 2020-2021

A pioneer neighborhood

When the first inhabitants of Les Saisons invested in the "Damiers" buildings in 1976, it had been almost twenty years since the construction of the Cnit had kicked off La Défense, a large mixed-use centre combining tertiary activities and housing.

What has already been done since:
2006: resumption of the elevators of the Louis Blanc residence
2008: repair of the false ceilings of the Anchor residence
2013: Development of the area around the First Tower (Place des Saisons, passerelle de l'Aigle). 2014: Slab rehabilitation
2015: Optimisation of lighting and landscaping of the Place des Saisons, facilities for People with Reduced Mobility (PMR)
2017: Requalification of the square of the residence of the Anchor
2020 : Renovation of the Louis Blanc footbridge

2019-2021: the choice of transition

The Alto Tower will be delivered in June 2020. It faces First Tower, whose rehabilitation in 2011 has given the signal for change. Paris La Défense is building on these emblematic sites to continue the transformation of the Saisons district and meet the challenge of sustainability.

Paris La Défense is launching a series of urban interventions reviving the mixed vocation of the Saisons district. Announcing a development operation that will open up the district towards the Seine, this programme aims to renew the living environment for employees and residents.

A greener district and redesigned public spaces A greener district and redesigned public spaces A new, more attractive environment for employees and residents

New plants will be installed in the Place des Saisons and in Vivaldi Square. A reflection is underway to make the planters more up-to-date and practical at the same time. In the vicinity of the Alto Tower, the development of the Zaha Hadid square (2600 sq.m.) will be accompanied by the reconstruction of part of the Place des Saisons into a 2400 sq.m. garden, and the Louis Blanc counter-alley. This central location will be decorated with new street furniture. The flower beds will also be renewed:

  • They will be installed at "ground level", above the waterproofing system,
  • their composition will include low (ground covers etc.), medium (shrubs) and high (trees) strata, with the lower strata protecting the upper strata,
  • a diversified choice of species and a new watering system will underline the quality of the whole.

A completely revised public lighting system will make walking around the Alto Tower more pleasant. The false ceilings of the various passages will be restored and the slabs on plots that make up the ground of the district will be plumbed.

Easy access Facilitated access

Rue du Général Audran, the concrete slides will be removed before the footbridge is redesigned. The Louis Blanc footbridge is undergoing a complete renovation and artistic enhancement. A study will decide on the repair or replacement of the Lacaux and Doumer footbridges. On the Pont de Neuilly side, in front of the hotels, a new signage system will be installed to mark the minute drop-off point. A parking area will welcome motorbikes and scooters.

The car parks have been completely overhauled

The Ancre car park will benefit from a complete rehabilitation and the kiosk overlooking the Square Saisons will be taken over.
The Saisons car park is the subject of an in-depth programme focusing on safety, with :

  • securing pedestrian access, emergency exits and car entrances and exits,
  • the extension of the private area to better frame the access to the car park,
  • upgrading the elevators,
  • the revision of lighting, floors, paint and signage.

Games for children

The small playgrounds scattered throughout the neighbourhood will be replaced by a new structure located at Place des saisons.

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