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In short

Owner: Société Tour Eiffel
Architects: Agence TVK and Simonetti Malaspina
Height/Floors : 40 m, 9 floors
Surface area: 9,500 sq.m. of floor space
Programming: Offices and retail
Location : South Esplanade, Bellini district (Puteaux)
Delivery: 2024

The Plein'R programme is located on the banks of the Seine, in the town of Puteaux. The ambition of the project is to design a contemporary, flexible office building that can accommodate both individual office spaces and open, landscaped office spaces.

This building complex is developed on nine levels with four orientations. The new building will be built on the plot of land in place of the old Olympe building.

The three levels of the underground parking lot have been retained, offering 146 car spaces (including 30 electric ones), 85 motorcycle spaces and 166m² of bicycle spaces.

The building offers a surface area of approximately 9,500 sq.m. with a retail space on the Rue Jean Jaurès side and a shared and adaptable lobby offering a lobby and bar/cafeteria area. The building backs onto the adjoining buildings on the Seine side, while creating a set of tree-lined terraces on the Rue Jean Jaurès side and offering a view of Paris from the terrace on the top level.

All of the exterior spaces and terraces are planted.

The outdoor garden has more than 1,100 sq.m. of green space and the succession of terraces covers an area of more than 500 sq.m.

Innovative design

The project is designed with a mixed wood-concrete structure (floor, post and beam). The structural elements will be left partially visible in the interior spaces and will also be visible from the outside through a largely glazed façade. This innovative design allows the building to enter a low-carbon manufacturing process.

All the facades are composed of a largely glazed envelope with a regular grid of joinery. The 1.35 metre and 2.70 metre facade grids are adapted to the organisation and layout of the interior spaces, ensuring real comfort for the building's users.

The project emphasises its environmental and energy ambitions with several certification and label objectives:

  • HQE sustainable building certification, Excellent level
  • BREEAM NC 2016 certification, Very Good level
  • Wiredscore label, Gold level
  • Osmoz label, Building lever
  • E+C- label