Play Groues Construire

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A Call for Expression of Interest Play Groues for 4 lots in the Hanriot sector
Lot 1: Groupement BNP Paribas Real Estate / BDP Marignan
Lot 2 : Sefri-Cime
Lot 3 : Groupement Lamotte / Brémond
Lot 4: Woodeum
Developer : Paris La Défense
Surface area: Nearly 100,000 sq.m.
Location: Nanterre, Parc Nord district
Deliveries: Between 2023 and 2027

Hanriot real estate programs

Play Groues Construire

BNP Paribas Real Estate / BDP Marignan
Part of the Jardin des Rails promenade and the boucle verte des Groues green loop, the mixed development proposed by the BNP Paribas Immobilier Résidentiel et Marignan group, winner of lot 1 of the AMI PlayGroues, combines cultural, economic and public activities with a diversified habitat.

Delivered in 3 successive phases in 2023, 2024 and 2025, lot 1 will total 53,400 sq.m, including :

  • 735 housing units (50% for first-time buyers, 10% for social housing, 10% for intermediate renters, 30% for social housing)
  • 2 850 m² of shops
  • 5,000 m² of activities combining a cultural centre, a start-up incubator and a fablab, in liaison with the Universities of Nanterre and La Défense, and a local public facility.

This program of nearly 26,000 m², divided into 8 buildings, will eventually include a forecast of :

  • 21,500m² of housing
  • 2 000 m² of productive activities;
  • 2 400 m² of green spaces.

Lamotte / Brémond
Conceived by promoters Lamotte and Brémond, winners of Lot 3 of AMI PlayGroues, the Forêt des Groues project will be much more than a housing program. Shared garden and orchard, crèche, composter at the foot of the building, shared premises... the inhabitants are invited to take direct action on the quality of their living environment. This future living space, intended for families, employees, students or seniors, combines :

  • flats in classic accession on plans (VEFA),
  • Dwellings whose apartment plans and condominium spaces are modulated by the future occupants,
  • dwellings designed as cooperatives of inhabitants according to the principle of collective ownership, offering a solvency solution to people blocked in their residential path,
  • Rental housing (social landlord or supervised rents).

The key figures of La Forêt des Groues :

145 dwellings of which :

  • 50% in accession
  • 30% in social rentals
  • 15% in intermediate rentals
  • 5% in cooperative

This 10,600 m² program for 139 housing units will be delivered in the summer of 2022.

Woodeum This mixed operation of 8,500 m² (1 building of 8 floors), Bas Carbone and built entirely of wood, will eventually include a forecast of :

  • 47 housing units in accession;
  • 26 social housing units;
  • 10 intermediate housing units;
  • 10 supervised housing units;
  • 1,690 m² of office space;
  • 4 shops on 700 sq.m;
  • A shared garden on the ground floor and a green roof.

Woodeum, along with Michael Green, a Canadian architect who pioneered the use of CLT solid wood in construction, and the Calq agency, is creating a new building made of bio-sourced and recyclable wood that stores carbon. **This program will play an active role in reducing carbon emissions and contribute to the fight against global warming.