Place de l'Iris

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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Project management: Artélia civil engineering lot and Urbanica for architectural lot

Surface: 6000 sq.m. of developed surfaces
Location: Esplanade Nord / Iris
Delivery: 2020

At the start of the 2018 academic year, Paris La Défense will begin the project to redevelop the Place de l'Iris, which will be completed in the spring of 2020, a major new piece of a jigsaw puzzle at the very heart of the Corolles-Reflets-Iris district. It will thus create a link and continuity between the slab and the city, public and private spaces, employees and residents.

A new human-sized square

Well known and appreciated by all, this square located between the Neuilly Défense residence and the future Saint-Gobain tower has been adorned since the 1990s by Japanese cherry trees in spring bloom. A natural spectacle that varies with the seasons and that Paris La Défense will of course endeavour to preserve and even develop by densifying this plant network which is the district's asset.

Covering approximately 6,000 sq.m., the extended Place de l'Iris will be unified by an identical surface area, lighter and more contemporary (sanded concrete) with larger slabs to improve pedestrian comfort.

A total of 51 trees will add to the greenery and enhance the character of the square, offering the spectacle of living nature all year round.
New urban lounges outside the flows will allow everyone to take a break or have lunch there. Clean wooden seating will be located at a distance from the houses in order to preserve the peace and quiet of the local residents. These seating areas will also be integrated into the existing planters, to complete the overall coherence of the sector.

The candelabras chosen will provide soft lighting in the evening to guide pedestrians to the entrances, while in some places adding a touch of poetry through the projection of patterns on the ground, the integration of LED ribbons under the seats and the lighting of the cherry trees.

Zoom on the landscaping project

The landscaping project of the Place de l'Iris is like this:

  • 51 trees of all species, including additional cherry trees, compared to 35 trees currently
  • 1060 sq.m. of planted area, against 814 sq.m. currently
  • Enlarged flowerbeds and planters, especially in front of the Neuilly Défense residence.
  • Taller cherry planters to allow the roots to blossom
  • Greater soil thickness to allow better acclimatization of the plants
  • Better quality substrates
  • An upgraded sprinkler system
  • Local and diversified plant species to adapt to all seasons

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  • Place de l'Iris
  • Place de l'Iris
  • Place de l'Iris