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Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor: Foncière Altarea
Promoter/Delegated project management: AVEC Investissements
Architect : Stéphane Malka
Operators : AVEC Invest, Liquid corp, bioburger, Sarl M
Landscaper: Comptoir des Projets
Construction company : Legendre Construction

Surface : 2 000 sq.m. of commercial surfaces / 1 000 sq.m. of terraces
Location : Axe de La Défense, Esplanade (La Défense)
Delivery: Between September 2018 and April 2019

Oxygen is an urban project consisting of the rehabilitation of unused volumes and the creation of a new place to live on the Belvedere site (gateway to the district). Led by a group of investors-operators and signed by architect Stéphane Malka, this new hybrid address aims to restructure and revitalize the southern gateway to the district, overlooking Neuilly-sur-Seine and Paris, and to embody the renewal of the business district in terms of restaurants, entertainment and inspiring places.

The concept combines quality fast food (organic, short-distance, seasonal), a top-of-the-range restaurant, events and after-work activities (lunch and dinner, every day of the week) and a more hybrid venue aimed at an active public, combining business, well-being and leisure services:

  • Nodd, a modular festive event space covering more than 300 square meters that will evolve according to the program, throughout the day and night: afterwork bar, clubbing evenings around electronic music, corporate and private events;
  • Octopus, a modern brasserie, cocktail bar, fruit of the collaboration between Liquid Corp (Moonshiner, Dirty Dick) and the Rostang;
  • Icon, a new concept dedicated to creative minds developed and designed by Avec Investissements;
  • Two fast-food chains: Bioburger - 100% organic fast food, Prairie - salad bar;
  • The Marco Marco pizzeria, created by the Parisian restaurant Louie Louie;
  • Café Coutume.

Located at the foot of the Hotel Mélia, First and Allianz One towers, Oxgen is the gateway to the district with private green spaces, and a real pedestrian dimension thought from the Esplanade de La Défense exit to the Takis Basin.

Objectives and stakes

Oxygen is a delivery of the major project to enhance the under-slab spaces of the business district. It responds to Paris La Défense's desire to make the area a real place for living and leisure, beyond office hours. It is also a way for Paris La Défense to reinvent itself and to carry the ambition of a territory that wants to be more dynamic, welcoming and warm than ever, breaking with the traditional image attached to La Défense.

Oxygen brings a new breath of life to the district also on the architectural level by combining noble materials such as wood, bamboo and plants, breaking with the architecture made of minerality, verticality and concrete that we know. The entire project is based on a strong commitment of the partners to sustainable development. It thus proposes light structure constructions and a vegetalization of the site, the traceability of goods products, organic products and an optimized waste management.

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